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Who We Are
VertVolta Design + Press designs professional-quality books and covers, e-books, and more for authors seeking to self-publish, either through small-scale print runs, or broader avenues of distribution such as Ingram, Createspace, Lulu, or others.
If you want your book just for a small audience or to find global distribution, VertVolta can help you achieve your goals.
Vertvolta is also a publisher, representing an intriguing catalog of reprints and modern authors. See here for a selection of titles.

Trying to navigate the ins and outs of self-publishing can be a tricky business. How do I get my book made? How do I get it printed? What do I do about distribution? e-Book, or not?
An author could get lost trying to figure out the right model of publishing for their book project. This is where VertVolta can help you make the decisions that will best suit your needs.
Whether it’s a legacy project, like a family memoir meant only for a handful of people, or a thriller that you want the wider world to read, VertVolta has years of experience walking clients through the process of getting their book designed and printed and, when necessary, distributed.
If you’ve designed your own book, VertVolta can still act as your print production agent, determining the best printing solution for the type of book you create—all sizes and lengths, full-color or black and white interiors, paperback or hardcover.


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3614 California Ave SW #236
Seattle, WA 98116

VertVolta works with clients across the U.S.A.

Contact us to schedule either a phone appointment, video conference, or a meeting in your preferred location (Seattle area only)